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Janice N., Stephanie N., Matt K.

The Languages of Africa

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Date Group members Book choice
Thur, 4/26, Group #1 Bridget, Katy, Carly Tannen 1986, "Tha't not what I meant!..."
Thur, 4/26, Group #2 Amanda, Mary, Nicole Aichinson, Jean. 1996. "The Seeds of Speech..."
Thur, 4/26, Group #3 Janice, Matt, Stephanie Heine, Bernd, and Derek Nurse. 2000 "The Languages of Africa"
Thur, 4/26, Group #4 Cailin, Gabby, Lee Trudgill: New Dialect Formation: The Inevitability of Colonial Englishes
Thur, 4/26, Group #5 Laura, Jenni, Tori Jackendoff; Patterns in the Mind: Language and Human Nature
Thur, 4/26, Group #6 Cara, Angelica Gaur 1984: "The Story of Writing"
Tues, 5/1, Group #1 Kelsey, Heather, Emily Aichinson 2003, "Words in the Mind..."
Tues, 5/1, Group #2 Paul, Monica, Sarah Deutscher, Guy. 2010. Through the Language Glass
Tues, 5/1, Group #3 Meghan, Erin, Megan Lakoff, George & Mark Johnson. "Metaphors We Live By"
Tues, 5/1, Group #4 Kate, Abbie, Gabby Winchester, Simon. 1998. "The Professor and the Madman"
Tues, 5/1, Group #5 Marissa, Louis, Camille Chambers, J.K, and Peter Trudgill. 1998 "Dialectology"
Tues, 5/1, Group #6

Nicole, Leighann, Laura

The Language Instinct

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